As some of we already know, Underworld Ascendant has been Greenlit on Steam! Only took a week. Not certain if that’s a record, though strong fast. Huge interjection to all a fans who gave a diversion a large YES and helped move us to a courtesy of a tens of millions of players on Steam. We are still in early antecedent development, so many months to go before we’d have a build for Steam. But honeyed that we’ve got a container warmed adult and waiting, for when we do.

Wanted to broach we dual some-more on a OtherSide team. Chris Siegel is a Senior Producer on a project. His pursuit is to keep a rest of us in line, and combat any wandering raccoons that ramble in from a street. Chris worked with me during LookingGlass on Thief and several other projects, and afterwards did an extended stay during Turbine operative as writer on several of their heading MMOs. Steve Pearsall is a jack-of-all-trades, wearing a half-dozen hats during any time. Steve also worked with me during LookingGlass, including as Producer on Thief Gold. Between these dual they have shipped over a dozen award-winning games, so they know how to deliver.

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 Also wanted to share what we’ve schooled so distant from a forum polls:

  • 74% have played a Underworlds before – blissful so many enjoyed a originals!
  • 28% have some or a lot of seductiveness in VR – reduce than we anticipated

  • 8% play their games on Mac or Linux – indeed some-more than we anticipated


  • 42% have some or a lot of seductiveness in Co-Op – about what we anticipated

  • 97% have been personification PC games for a decade or longer – where are a young’uns?

I think that a miss of VR seductiveness is partially contemplative of VR not nonetheless being a mature technology. Sooner or after there is going to be a torpedo VR game, and afterwards seductiveness will grow. Clearly we need to find approach to strech some of a younger gamers, who differently are blank out on a smashing game.

We reached 9,000 Backers this morning!!! Welcome all a new fans to a smashing float we’re on to rekindle a Underworld franchise! Now let’s see if we can get over 9,100 Backers by this Sunday noon, so that a Dark Elf Sling will come with reward purple Splatter Seeds…

Sharing this fan acquiescence from Sark, where he becomes caretaker of his really possess faction, when he was a child no less: “In a initial levels of a Stygian Abyss there was a coterie of immature goblins vital inside a large gymnasium that was sealed by an iron gate. we desired to attract them, fill a room adult with summoned Creatures, move my treasures there, and close them in by close picking a iron gate. we called it my Stronghold and suspicion we was their King.

Finally, a group is going to locate their exhale this weekend. The debate has been 7 prolonged days a week so far. We need a day over a weekend to recharge a batteries for a final week-and-a-half push. As such, no Update this weekend. We will have an additional large Update initial thing Monday morning.

Paul Neurath

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