What It’s Like To Play Final Fantasy Vi For The First Time

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

Last night we started personification Final Fantasy VI, a video diversion about suplexing locomotives. we had never played it before.

Six hours later, we saved my diversion and stopped. A lot happened in that time. Let’s decompress.

Yes, we missed out on Final Fantasy VI. Take a low breath. we incited out fine. we didn’t have any set-top diversion consoles flourishing up, so my video diversion personification was singular to PC games and a loving handheld device or two. we didn’t possess an NES or a SNES, didn’t have a GameCube or a PlayStation, and positively never owned a Dreamcast. As a result, we was absent during a heyday of a Japanese role-playing game.

It’s been fun throwing up, yet I’ve had to do it in fits and starts over a final several years. Thankfully I’ve had some intelligent experts to assistance beam me on my way. Most memorably, crony and Offworld editor Leigh Alexander was my senpai and sherpa on an epic 2011 playthrough of Final Fantasy VII. More recently, Kotaku proprietor JRPG consultant Jason Schreier has been my travelling messenger for many some-more games, from Final Fantasy Tactics to Suikoden 2.

Jason’s been visiting me in Portland this week before we conduct adult to Seattle for PAX, and final night we motionless to tide some Final Fantasy VI. A brief tide incited into a really prolonged one, and by a time a pizza had gotten cold and a drink had gotten warm, I’d reunited my manifold celebration members, shielded Banon from Kefka, and introduced Terra to a Esper.

You can watch a full repository of a tide here. We’ll hopefully have time to tide some some-more today, yet for now, some discerning thoughts on Final Fantasy VI‘s initial few chapters.

I’m blissful we have a guide.

When we started, Jason pronounced that he wasn’t going to tell me what to do. we have him on tape, observant this. He pronounced he’d let me do my thing, and would maybe poke me in one instruction or another. This was a lie. Within mins he was revelation me accurately where to go, what to do, what corpse to equip, and how to tarry any fight. He was literally reminding me to press A during a ends of fights. I’m 100% excellent with that.

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

I suppose we competence have figured out some of a several strategies, yet others — like how many Sprint Shoes to buy so that all of my apart parties could have them versed — would have been usually mislaid on me. In fact, we substantially wouldn’t have versed Sprint Shoes during all, and would have spent a whole diversion poking around during half speed. What a nightmare.

I wish it was on a handheld.

While a large shade creates a diversion easier to share with others, we do wish we was personification this diversion on a handheld device. I’m personification a SNES version, downloaded by a Wii practical console, that is being emulated by my Wii U. (That’s like, Inception-level low emulation.) we had to go out and buy a Wii classical controller usually to play this game. Why can’t we usually buy FFVI on a 3DS and play it that way? There is no good answer.

I accumulate that a PlayStation chronicle of this diversion is hold to be a defective one, so I’m blissful I’m not personification on Vita. But seriously. It’s widely hold to be one of a biggest games of all time. It should be easier to compensate income and play it on things.

The pointless confront rate is a bananas.

There are so many pointless encounters in this game. So many! When you’re in a cavern we can literally travel like 5 feet before we get into a pointless encounter. They should call them “constant encounters.”

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

Jason tells me we get a vestige after that turns off pointless encounters, or something like that. we wish that vestige now.

It’s unequivocally odd.

I figured this diversion would be weird. Back when we started Final Fantasy VII, we suspicion we had it pegged — steampunk fantasy, candid story, kick a immorality corporation, etc. Twenty hours after we was snowboarding down a towering en track to a Chocobo tact farm. Even so, FFVI is some-more immediately uncanny and stupid than we was expecting.

Some people in a Twitch discuss were deliberating a idea that Square Enix competence confirm to make an HD chronicle of this game, as they recently announced they were doing with FFVII. That diversion would be… usually definitely ridiculous. Can we suppose what HD Kefka would demeanour like? Can we design some of these scenes and battles rendered in high-resolution?

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

I dunno, man. I’m not certain this diversion would work if it looked any opposite than it does.

Yes, a song is great.

When we contend we haven’t played FFVI, people customarily uncanny out about a song thing. “Aren’t we a large song guy? Don’t we like music? What are we doing!” they cry, flecks of saliva drifting from their lips and alighting on my glasses. To them we say, well, ok, yes, a song in this diversion is unequivocally good. we adore it.

I like Shadow’s Theme in particular:

Please capacitate JavaScript to watch this video.

…but it’s all unequivocally good. And we haven’t even gotten to a Opera House scene, where apparently they sing? Hats off, Mr. Uematsu.

The essay is flattering bad, yet also good.

On a tiny scale, a essay in FFVI is… not great. The localisation is questionable, a characters all act like uncanny children, and a cocktail enlightenment references are trite and distracting. But on a incomparable scale, a account construction is flattering cool. The story fast unfolds into a complicated, branching narrative, and a diversion guides us by it all with a certainty that feels surprising even today.

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

FFVI pulls some cold account tricks in a opening hours. It hops from impression to character, vouchsafing we see vital events from mixed perspectives. At a indicate when you’ve initial fabricated your starting party, where many JRPGs would have we set out on your adventure, your celebration is ripped asunder. They form 3 smaller groups who have their possess extensive adventures while attempting to accommodate behind adult in Narshe for a initial vital quarrel with Kefka and his army.

During that duration you’ll hear tell of events that we will after declare as other characters, or quickly accommodate enemies who will go on to quarrel other characters in a opposite timeline. Locke goes to do recon in an assigned encampment and meets Celes (badass alert) and breaks her out of prison. Terra, Edgar and Banon stay on a river.

And Sabin… man, Sabin. Sabin goes on a ridiculously convoluted, hours-long journey that could have assigned a center array of episodes in a deteriorate of TV.

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

He infiltrates an rivalry bottom that looks true out of Metal Gear, starts a friend patrolman crack with a new impression named Cyan, has time to accommodate and partial ways with Shadow, meets and quickly fights a categorical knave Kefka, recruits a untamed (annoying) child Gau, and has this whole journey aboard a spook sight firm for a torture that facilities both 1) a stage in that Sabin gruffly orders food from a resounding waitstaff of a caf� automobile and deduction to things his face and 2) a culminating trainer conflict in that he suplexes a train’s locomotive.

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

By a time Sabin and his organisation make it behind to Narshe for a final showdown, I’d roughly lost what a ruin was going on with everybody else… yet usually almost, since even during Sabin’s adventures a diversion was certain to kindly remind me about a other characters. (For example, when Gau tells Sabin of a radiant value in a cave, Sabin laughs over how sceptical Locke will be if Sabin finds some good value though him.)

The whole three-part territory demonstrates a arrange of aspiration and stretch that we usually don’t get in many complicated games. we have a feeling it was surprising when FFVI initial came out, too.

Seriously, though, it’s weird. And that’s good.

I know we already pronounced a diversion is weird, yet unequivocally — this diversion is intensely weird. In a good way. we was texting with PC Gamer‘s Wes Fenlon about it this morning and he described it thusly: “It’s from a time when group were still men, women were still women, and JRPGs with fun characters were still JRPGs with fun characters.”

What It's Like To Play Final Fantasy VI For The First Time

Which flattering most sums it up. This diversion is intensely uncanny in a approach that usually a certain subset of ’90s video games could be, and that’s great. I’m looking brazen to personification more, hopefully with Jason circuitously to sherpa me by any severe bits.

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Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and costly video games.

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