Kit Harington

Jon Snow’s life competence be dim with mysteries, yet Kit Harington‘s isn’t. Here are 10 things that we substantially didn’t know about a “Game of Thrones” actor who play a Bastard of Winterfell:

1) He’s an aristocrat.

Kit’s uncle, Sir Nicholas John Harington, is a 14th Baronet Harington, and his consanguine great-grandfather was Sir Richard Harington, a 12th Baronet Harington. Also, by his consanguine grandmother, Lavender Cecilia Denny, Kit’s 8 times great-grandfather was Charles II of England.

Despite being a successor of a British aristocracy, Kit is not a fan of titles. “There’s an diseased mania in America with kingship and a problem system,” he told a Rolling Stone in May final year. “‘Oh, my God, you’re a son of a duke!’ I’m not an anti-royalist, yet who gives a shit?”

2) He didn’t know his genuine name until he was 11.


Kit’s genuine name is Christopher, yet he didn’t know that until a clergyman corrected him during school.

“I went to school, and we remember that we had to do these tests to find out what set you’re in — how crafty we are. we put down ‘Kit Harington,’ and they looked during me like we was totally stupid, and they said, ‘No, you’re Christopher Harington, I’m afraid,'” he removed to Interview magazine of how he schooled his tangible moniker for a initial time.

“That was kind of a weird existential predicament for an 11-year-old to have, yet in a finish we always stranded with Kit, since we felt that’s who we was. I’m not unequivocally a ‘Chris,’ a 28-year-old actor added.

So where does his nickname Kit come from? “My mom desired a name Christopher ‘Kit’ Marlowe, a playwright, so it’s kind of from there, and a clergyman that married my relatives was called Kit,” he told The Daily Beast in Apr final year. “My brother’s called Jack, and we [think my parents] utterly like one-syllable brief names.”

3) He wanted to be a journalist.


“I had my sights on play and being an actor from a comparatively early age, yet a thought of being freelance — being my possess trainer — always struck me as something interesting, and in that realm, being a publisher seemed like a good place to do that,” he told The Daily Beast. “I like essay and examining things, and being a publisher still appeals to me, actually.”

He suggested to New York Daily News in Jun final year that he also writes poems on his down time. Though he described them as “bad poetry,” he pronounced he still sends them to his mom, whom according to him is indeed a good poet.

4) He knows zero about basketball, yet he’s flattering good in ping pong.

While in New York for his talk for Out magazine earlier this year, Harington attended his really initial basketball game, and it seemed that he didn’t utterly know what’s function on a court. “I have no thought what a manners are, so I’ll only be a English man in a crowd,” he pronounced during a time.

But if there’s one competition he’s good at, that’s list tennis. “A dim talent of cave is, I’m flattering damn good during ping pong,” he proudly suggested to People in 2013.”It’s a good approach to relax and have fun. I’m terrible during drink pong though. Mixing ethanol and games can lead to trouble.”

5) He’s a large fan of fear films.


“I’ve always wanted to do a fear movie,” Kit once said, as quoted by International Business Times. “My favorite is ‘The Shining,’ yet we also desired ‘The Ring,’ a ‘Scream’ cinema and ‘The Wicker Man’ with Christopher Lee.”

6) He gets fearful by personification fear video games.

Though he loves examination fear movies, he isn’t lustful of personification fear video games. In an talk with Next Movie back in 2012, Kit certified he’s not good during personification video games — generally those that go to a fear category.

“I used to get shocked of ‘Doom,’ and when we played [‘Silent Hill’], we was flattering shocked of it. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to mechanism games,” he said. “If we know I’m going to die or something, that freaks me out, since if I’m examination a film, I’m not too bad.”

7) He would adore to play Batman.

Kit told MTV UK in Jan that he would adore to execute a Caped Crusader someday, yet he remarkable that he doesn’t wish to play another dim and dirty chronicle of a renouned DC Comics character.

“I’d stay him adult again,” he said. “He’s left approach too dim and serious. I’d like correct spandex. Superhero cinema got all too critical — they need to get stupid again.”

8) He antiquated his “Game of Thrones” co-star Rose Leslie.


Kit and Rose, who knew any other before both starring on “Game Of Thrones,” had a year-long attribute that they finished in Aug 2013. But a year later, Us Weekly reported that they were dating again, yet unfortunately, their attribute didn’t work out a second time.

Kit non-stop adult to GQ magazine in Jan about since he’s carrying problem gripping regretful relationships. “Relationships as an actor are impossibly formidable with someone who’s not an actor, since they never get to see you, and with someone who is an actor, since you’re ships in a night a lot of a time,” a actor explained.

“If we keep behaving in a film world, you’re a travelling salesman,” he continued. “And your options are: scapegoat a lot of your career, to make certain it’s not astray on a other person, or find someone who is peaceful to be your travelling circus. That’s where we stand, and I’m perplexing to residence it during a moment.”

9) The categorical thing he looks for in a lady is humor.

“She could be a many good looking, famous, rich and intelligent person, yet if she can’t giggle and doesn’t have a clarity of humor, I’m fearful she’s not a one for me,” he told People in 2013.

10) He would be peaceful to twirl his strength on “Game of Thrones” in one condition.


Asked by GQ magazine if he would be happy to uncover off his strength on a show, he said, “I wouldn’t contend I’d be happy about it … I’m not observant since we don’t know. [But if we would] it would have to be f–king good deserved.”


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