Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse is a PS2 game and requires something more than tip or code. You can find lot of guides for the game Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse on the internet.

Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse
Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse

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Objective of the Game – The people of Gothos banished an evil. Now the people are expecting you to protect them from the evil, The Shadow Lord, who is coming back. You have to finish as much as monsters possible before the 1000th banishment year.

How to Play –

1. Time Management – Do not play randomly. Go village to village and waste mutants.
2. Buy the Best – Purchase weapons, item hunter. If you don’t find anything good, save and restart the game. You may find options with shopkeepers. Buy Poison Resistance Weapon & Electrical weapon to fight mutants.
3. Keep your potions full.
4. Always try to save.
5. Buy fly boots and keep ready as an escape from emergency situations to save game days.
6. Kill first the monsters who are hiding.
7. If you are loosing, hit & run.
8. Resources are important. Do not donate.
9. Find decent firearm instead of bombs.
10. Elemental damage guns are useful when you hit lot of monsters.
11. Cheats – Find out cheats Here.